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My Call to Religious Life
Good Afternoon:
A major question most people have and will ask is "How do/did you know your calling?" Well, I will answer that as it applies to me and my particular situation.
Let me begin by saying it amazes me how God has worked in my life. He was working to bring me to this plan (as He does for everyone) even before I was born. My parents were not raised in very religious families. My mom (raised in the Catholic tradition) only attended church when her oldest brother went and her parents made all the kids go. My dad (raised in the Lutheran tradition) may have gone more than my mom did, but still did not have a very strong religious upbringing. When my mom realized she was pregnant with me, she talked to the priest in her local parish about setting up a time to discuss having me baptized Catholic. Well, between me being born three months early, having to be in an incubator for most of the first three months of my life, my dad joining the Air Force, and just plain old life happening, the appointment waws forgotten. I ended up being baptized in the Lutheran church. My mom told me that my dad and she were just sitting in the living room watching TV one night when she all of a sudden remembered the appointment she had made with the priest and said something like "We were supposed to baptize Jessica Catholic!" I just discovered all this a couple years ago after converting to the Catholic faith.
Ever since I can remember, I have always been fascinated with God, Jesus, the Bible, and church-related topics in general, even though my family did not attend church much or talk about these subjects much at all. I think we attended a Lutheran church for about six months while my mom went through the classes to convert when I was in first grade, and then we tried again when I was in ninth grade, and that only lasted about the same amount of time. I did not receive any form of a Bible I could read on my own until I was in ninth grade.
I remember growing up that most of my friends ended up being Catholic. I loved getting to sleep over on Saturday nights because that meant I could go to church on Sunday. Some friends told me I could not go to Sunday school with them and would have to wait in the narthex for them. I would cry because I wanted to go so bad. And I remember being so amazed to hear my friends talk about their CCD and confirmation classes and wishing I could go, too.
Ever since I can remember, my mom and I have had big arguments over the kinds of clothes I wanted to wear. I find this interesting because, you might think I would be more open to what others told me was "in style", but I didn't care. Some of the clothes just plain felt ugly or funny when I put them on, but a lot of the time I felt too exposed. I can only feel that God was guiding me in these decisions.
When I myself stayed involved in our Lutheran church after the rest of my family stopped going, I started thinking I could be a missionary. I always loved reading and hearing about nuns and religious, but, since I wasn't Catholic, that was out of the picture. I wanted to share God's love with others as best I could, and being a missionary was what I could think of. Then I met a very devout Catholic family the summer after my first year of college. I asked them the questions I had, and I found that what I heard made complete sense to me. I found out I could convert, and did, being received into the Catholic church at the Easter Vigil service in April, 2006.
I will finish for now, but will write later on my journey after being received into the Catholic church.
I pray for god's blessings on all who read this and on all who need them.


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